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Hello beautiful people, how has your Tuesday been treating you?

Today wasn’t very exciting. Honestly I am just counting down the days and hours til the end of the semester. I’m sure that anyone currently in school can relate 100%.

  • I met with a pre health advisor at my school-application deadlines for medical school is steadily creeping upon us
  • Also got my life semi together and finally went grocery shopping
    • Today I also stopped my vegan diet. I was vegan for 2 weeks.To be completely real, I couldn’t afford it however I highly recommend it. I’ll come back to the diet when I’m rich. lol
  • If you’re on a vegan or vegetarian diet or are looking to eat healthier, I HIGHLY recommend trying Boca burgers and also Beyond the Meat: Bacon. They are super healthy alternatives and taste really great as well!
  • This morning I continued my apartment search. I haven’t lived anywhere besides student housing and have lived in houses my entire life so I am completely confused about the process. lol. But my girlfriend is very familiar with apartments and apartment searches so hopefully it will go well.
  • If anyone has any U-hauling tips please let me know!download (3).jpg


Love always, YoursTruly


So I got this beauty last week (4/5/16).


I was really itching for something new. Lol. The rook piercing wasn’t all that bad. It definitely hurt more than the cartilage piercing which I got on my birthday (8/23) last year. Overall I think it looks super cute! What do ya’ll think?

Hello beauties,

I hope you have a fucking awesome Monday and that is brings you joy and happiness or if you hate Mondays (like me) I hope that it goes by really quickly.

Monday Rambles: I have been seriously pressured lately to move back home after graduation.

images (5)

The rationale that my parents have proposed is: I would be helping to mentor my two younger siblings, I would spend time with family and friends within the year before I go off to medical school. To clear things up, I wouldn’t just be here twittling my thumbs. images (6)

I plan to be working a full time job, living with my girlfriend, and saving cash.While I really understand where they are coming from… I really do… I just cannot see myself moving back in under their roof. Let me backtrack some.

I had a decent upbringing. I love my parents very dearly. I appreciate the time and effort that they have infested in my life. I am forever indebted to them for that. Currently, I live in a large metropolitan area that is oh so diverse. It is like night and day from the town in which I grew up in. I was raised in a town that consists of a mostly older population and is not representative of the various cultures/ethnicities/races (I was the only black girl in my HS graduating class). To move back home would be to take a few steps backward. Moving back would be to subject myself to the rules and obligations that my parents would require of me. Moving back would be me not being able to wholeheartedly live out the life that brings me the utmost happiness. Moving back would require me to hide my sexuality, my soulmate, and my beliefs. See, my family is super duper religious. They go to church 3-4 times every single damn week. While I do not consider myself a Christian I would have to attend every single damn service and actively take a role in every single damn event just like the old days. Likewise, they are also not supportive of the issues that I support with every fiber of my being. They actively speak out against LGBT rights/ abortion rights/ marijuana legalization.. and the Pastor does as well.

images (3)

Honestly, I’m not sure how much of it I would actually be able to take without going completely insane.

When one factors in the many facets that ungrudgingly comes with moving back in with my parents, the answer is as clear as day. But the light is still so dim. I love my family so much, I really do. I don’t want to disappoint them. But someday when I am on my death bed and I am looking back, I refuse to have any regrets to look back upon. So as for now, as cliche as this may sound; I have decided to do what is best for my me. It’s  okay to be selfish with your life sometimes. Because if you’re not happy then that will undoubtedly affect the relationships with the ones that you love.    And I could be making a huge mistake, but only time will tell.

With much love, YoursTruly

Hello beauties,

Just a quick update on what is happening in my life currently:


I am in my second to last semester of my undergraduate career *screams internally from overwhelming happiness*. If you want to be really technical, I am in my last (real) semester of undergrad because I just have one super easy general education class to take online this summer. Anyway, I am so very excited to start this next chapter in my life! Like legit. SO much shit is going on right now:

  1. My girlfriend and I will celebrate our 1 yr anniversary within the next two months ( we’re in a LDR)…
  2. We plan to get a place together when our leases end July 31st
  3. Both of us will also come out to our families! 😳
  4. She starts Law school in the fall!!!!! So incredibly proud of you babyyyyy 🙂
  5. I will start my first full time job this summer


I think that’s it. haha So many incredible firsts will be taking place very shortly. So please stay tuned for this rollercoaster of a fucking ride within these next few months. 2016 is our year friends, I am so convinced!

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Love, YoursTruly





If you don’t know who Ruby Rose is then you clearly must have been living on Mars for the past week. She is the woman who came closer to breaking the internet with a wink than Kim Kardashian ever did by exposing her full body. Over the past week she has been turning innocent heterosexual girls heads (and you can see why).

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